Koh Samui Vacation Guide

Chaweng Garden Beach Resort is a beautiful Thai-style resort located right in the middle of the famous Chaweng Beach. One of its major attractions is the private beach, which is heavenly for an avid beach lover. The resort is close to the shopping center, eateries and the famous nightlife of Chaweng. Everything that Chaweng has to offer is within walking distance, which is a definite advantage. Chaweng being well-connected to other beaches and neighboring islands, planning activities also is made simpler and easier.


Chaweng Garden Beach Resort has a wide selection of accommodation units from standard rooms to garden bungalows. They also offer economical group accommodation to bigger groups traveling together. The room décor is a beautiful fusion of Thai traditions with modern practices seen worldwide. Thailand’s contribution is evident in the soothing color scheme, shining wooden furniture and rich fabrics used in the furnishings. The rooms offer private balconies to relish the lush greenery outside. The modern facilities provided are air-conditioning, satellite TV, in-room safe, mini bar, writing desk, hairdryer and coffee/tea maker. The services include meeting facilities, tour desk, WiFi, restaurant, pub, room service, laundry service and car park.

Though there are a slew of eateries close by, the two restaurants of Chaweng Garden Beach Resort score above all of them with their variety of delicacies and pocket-friendly aspect. The Sukulaya Restaurant on the beachfront serves BBQ seafood and a la carte menu, while Bai Pho Seafood has on offer a wide selection of seafood, local dishes and popular international delights.


Lying cozily among tall coconut trees and thick vegetation overlooking Chaweng Lake, Nova Samui Resort is ideal for a tropical beach weddings. Its location is perfect for moving around the island and exploring its various beaches on its east and north coasts. The central beach area of Chaweng is only a short ride away on a tuk-tuk, which is as quaint as the place.

Nova Samui Resort has 74 well-appointed rooms decorated in modern style to suit international visitors, but perked up with a touch of local color. All of them have balcony/terrace to offer unhindered view of the beautiful surroundings. The other amenities offered by the resort confirm to its 3½-star status. Koh Samui beach villas take pleasure in rendering service to its guests, which includes hotel/airport transfer, tour desk, safety deposit boxes, room service and coffee shop.

The Samui villa for sale has arranged facilities for relaxation and rejuvenation like massage sala, Jacuzzi, and a swimming pool with separate wading pool for kids. The lounges shaded by umbrellas kept on the poolside are perfect for spending an entire day idling away. There is a library within the hotel for the avid book lovers.

Chaweng being the perfect place for action has an array of land and water-based activities lined up for visitors. Scuba diving in the calm, clear sea, with its colorful aquatic life and coral reefs must not be missed. Nova Samui Resort has arrangements for non-motorized water sports. It has a tropical garden on its grounds, in addition to the spa, massage sala, Jacuzzi and swimming pool.

Dining is an enjoyable experience at the restaurants at Nova Samui Resort. With the resort attracting visitors from all around the world, the menus offered keeps up with internationally popular dishes. However, special emphasis is given to the local Thai cuisine, as many visitors seem to enjoy the spicy fare. Together with the famed Thai hospitality, Koh samui villas tempts visitors to come again.

Beachfront Villa Samui 21Spread over a few quaint Thai-style buildings on the beautiful aquamarine beach of Lamai, Thai House Beach Hotel has all that you would want from a tropical beach resort. The resort buildings merge seamlessly with the natural surroundings to offer a ‘one with nature’ effect. The trees and plants on the grounds provide ample shade and a touch of color to the entire resort. Together with the first-class amenities at the hotel, it is the best bet for a tropical beach holiday.

Thai House Beach Hotel has 60 rooms and villas done up in latest international style with a fair amount of local décor thrown in. All the rooms are well-appointed to confirm to 3-star rating the hotel enjoys. Balcony/terrace offers unhindered sea/garden views. The amenities include air-conditioning, satellite TV, in-room safe, shower and mini bar. The hotel has a business center, restaurant and bar to cater to the requirements of the visitors. The services offered here include bicycle rental, family room, tour desk, hotel/airport transfer, WiFi and room service.

The beachside restaurant atKoh Samui villas serves a wide variety of popular dishes from the local Thai and international cuisines. European seafood is another surprise in the restaurant menu. So if you are after villas for rent in koh samui, make sure you visit Ban Kluay Mai.

Find Kitesurfing School for Your Holiday

Learning something new takes time and a good dose of determination. It is only normal to feel intimidated by something you have never done before. This applies to all things in life—be it cooking, being independent, or learning a new skill. Learning kitesurfing is pretty much the same thing. Because it is an extreme sport, most people think that it involves a great amount of danger. Well, that’s partially true but most often the time is being blown way out of proportion. Any sport can be potentially dangerous is you’re not careful. This is why you learn the basics first before you play formally. Kitesurfing in Thailand is very popular. If you don’t know much about the sport but are intrigued by it, you can take a lesson from a kite school in Thailand. Since the country is a kiteboarding capital in Asia, you have a variety of schools to choose from.


If you are an absolute amateur, a highly recommended Phuket kitesurfing school is Kite Boarding Asia or KBA. With more than a decade of experience, this is the most respected kitesurfing institution in Asia and is the ideal venue to learn this particular sport. It has a network of schools scattered all over the country, the most popular of which is in Phuket.

KBA is very passionate about kiteboarding or kitesurfing and aims to help more people become aware of this water activity and be able to enjoy it as much as they do. Run by experts who spent years perfecting their skills, anyone can easily learn kitesurfing by availing the most suitable course depending on their level of expertise. Those who want to but are nervous to take kite school in phuket has to offer,  Kite Boarding is Asia will help you learn as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.

In Phuket, daredevils will be missing a lot if they miss the chance to kitesurf. This is now one of the world’s most intriguing sports and is consistently gaining momentum in terms of popularity. Experts don’t see the hype going down soon. Instead, it is predicted that this sport will become more and more in demand in the years to come. The weather of Phuket makes it perfect for kitesurfing. Strong winds and huge water areas are the two very important elements needed for this sport and the island has both.

Kite Boarding Asia not only delivers well thought out lessons in kitesurfing. The company is also known for its quality sports gear and top of the line kites. If you happen to become deeply attached to the sport, it is recommended that you purchase your own equipment. KBA is a one stop shop for all your kitesurfing needs, even for water sports wear. This school is still the leading institution for kiteboarding lessons. For those who can’t resist a challenge and have the daring to match, we highly encourage you to give kitesurfing a chance. You will totally love this sport, that’s for sure. Visit KBA office today for more information about Kitesurfing Phuket or call +66 81 5914594